Reports Of Election Fraud Come From New Source!


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To be honest, the Democratic stronghold of St. Clair County, Illinois – right across the Mississippi River from the City of St. Louis – has not been known as an honest place to vote for a long time. This writer…yeah, let’s just say relatives who were Republicans while they were living are now Democrats since they are in the cemeteries.

This is not news to anyone who knows where a large number of national class action lawsuits are filed (yep, in Belleville, St. Claire County, Illinois). Nope. Not at all. Just look up who profited from that big, beautiful new bridge over the Mississippi being built. Hint: several of them were in public office at the time and owned tracts of land that were worthless unless the federal government needed them for something. Which the fed did and this was known for at least 30 years before ground broke on the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. (It really was needed and is a thing of beauty, to be honest, but a lot of Democrats profited.)

What is new is an election judge tweeting about all of the nefariousness she saw at the polls. Check this out.


Fill out and sign an affidavit, sweetie, and add it to the mounting pile of eyewitness accounts telling the world, or at least America, what the Democrat strongholds allow.

Ahem. I digress. There’s more

Not that Springfield has been known to do much about situations like this, but what Ms. Hubbard is reporting is the crap that goes on ALL OVER the USA on election day, not just in Florida, Georgia, Montana, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and any other state where the “too close to call” races were decided in favor of a Democrat by just enough votes to not trigger a recount. (California had at least two races like this.) The cheating is everywhere.

Most honest Americans know this. We know it and nothing has been done to stop it until the Abbott Administration FINALLY indicted election officials in Texas for fraud. Now that a spotlight has been shown on the ballot production operation in Broward County, Florida, expect more reports like this to surface all over the country. It’s going to take good people speaking up to get the cheating to stop, and for the outrage to build until changes are made.

And with voter ID and paper ballots only allowed, maybe American elections will once again have integrity.


  1. Allowing illegal votes and destroying Republican votes should be a felony federal offense no matter who commits it – ESPECIALLY election supervisors! Declaring themselves to be above the law is declaring they have a right to cheat half the voters.

  2. That sounds like them remove the evidence. Don’t let anyone speak up for the truth. To see the corruption that they want to pull. I think next voting lets have alot more conservatives watching the polling stations so no more funny stuff takes place. Lets tell everyone what you saw and we all will benefit.!!!!!

  3. OH on top of that I want all these machines checked out and then put in a bank vault if we have to so no one else touches them.

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