Bushes Decide To Take The High Road, Trump Welcome At Funeral

When Senator John McCain threw himself what amounted to a state funeral, his family made a federal issue out of NOT inviting President Donald Trump or his family to the events of the memorial. In what is by far the classier move, the Bush clan, no fans of the president, have announced that they do not want a repeat of the McCain fiasco. The president and first lady, of course, are welcome.

The family already contacted the White House this past summer saying that President Trump would be welcome at H.W. Bush’s services — and assured Trump that the focus would be on the 41st U.S. president’s life rather than their disagreements, The Washington Post reported, citing a former administration official.

“This will be about the celebration of the noble public service that George H.W. Bush gave. It’s not going to be about anybody else. I don’t think it’s going to be about Trump,” a former Bush associate told Politico.

Given that the occasion is the mourning and burial of a former president, the current one not being in attendance would be a scandal in and of itself. Now that the forty-first president is lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda, the truce has already begun.

While Trump and the Bush family have had their differences, the White House has sought to honor the 41st president’s legacy. Trump and first lady Melania Trump paid their respects at the Capitol Monday night….

Trump had the final say over important funeral details, the person said, including providing Air Force One to carry the former president’s body from Texas to Washington for the funeral and back to Texas on Thursday for another service and burial.

The Trump White House has accommodated all the Bush family’s requests for the state funeral. The Bush family will be able to stay at Blair House, the official guesthouse across the street from the White House, a person familiar with the planning told The Post.

Those in the Bush camp believe that 41 would have preferred the conciliation to rancor.

A person close to the funeral preparations told The Post that the tone of Wednesday’s funeral at the Washington National Cathedral will reflect the sense of propriety of Bush, who “wouldn’t want anyone there to feel uncomfortable, including the incumbent president.”

“If anybody at any time knew anything about the 41st president of the United States, they would completely and totally understand that he would welcome the current occupant 100 percent,” an aide in the office of the former president told the publication. “This is the way the country says goodbye to presidents.”

It looks like for this event, anyway, the two sides have decided to act like adults. It would be nice if the rest of the political world would take notice.




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