3-Year-Old Son Of Two Boston Police Officers Proudly Presents The Right Way To Join In The National Anthem

national anthem

While the nation is keenly interested in who isn’t participating in the National Anthem, two Boston police officers decided to raise their son to sing with pride during NFL games.

Garrett, who is a son of two members of the Boston Police Department, knew the anthem by heart and sang it with his hand over his heart.


Everyone around little Garret seemed to enjoy listening to his adorable singing. When Garrett wrapped up the last few words of the song, he got a pat on the back and a “good job, bud.”

American’s were also praising enthusiastically the performance online.


Majority of people consider Garrett’s interpretation of the National Anthem as a refreshing start to break off the negativity surrounding the NFL and the National Anthem protests.

The Trump News Gazette


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