4-ALARM FIRE Erupts On 50th Floor Of Trump Tower

The New York City Fire Department was called to the Trump Tower to deal with a 3 Alarm fire on the 50th Floor of the 5th Avenue High Rise in Manhattan.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined but the video in the tweet below shows orange flames and smoke coming from the building.


A Tweet from the FDNY indicates that they are on scene and no injuries are reported at the time.

As one would expect the police are reporting that a number of nearby streets have been shut down while the fire is being dealt with.

When the fire was initially reported as a 2-alarm fire but FDNY’s Alert System on Twitter confirms it was a 3-alarm fire.

It is being reported that there are at least 36 units and roughly 126 firefighters battling the fire.

The first 911 call reporting the fire was received at approximately 5:35 p.m. and while recent news footage shows smoke still coming from the building the fire is said to be contained and under control.

Eric Trump Tweeted the following thanking the firefighters for their fantastic work.

The fire was however upgraded to a 4-alarm fire according to the FDNY Alerts who initially reported it as a 3-alarm fire.

There is one serious injury of a civilian being reported at the moment.

At no time was President Trump or the First family in danger as they are at the White House in Washington, D.C…

The President did release the following Tweet:

If any new information becomes available we will provide an update!

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