A 7-Year-Old Put Others In The Shade With Her Astounding National Anthem Performance

national anthem

A contest for finding singers for the national anthem was held by the Los Angeles Galaxy and they really managed to find a winner.

Seven-year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, who was hoping to sing on the field before the game, uploaded a video of her amazing singing. She burst with joy when she was told she was chosen as the winner, she simply couldn’t believe it.


Though many thought that Tjandrawidjaja would have a good voice and start the soccer game with a charming performance, everyone’s jaw dropped in amazement after they heard such a little girl with such powerful vocal.


This girl managed to steal the show with her soul-stirring national anthem performance which caused a strong emotional reaction in the audience.

Not only Tjandrawidjaja was given the chance to sing before the game, but she also got to meet a few of the players after the game.

This little girl with such powerful vocals and great talent that belted out a jaw-dropping performance of the national anthem will be given a lot of opportunities to sing to a full stadium of people.

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