A GoFundMe Page Has Been Launched For Juanita Broaddrick, Her Response Really Has Heads Turning

juanita broaddrick

Juanita Broaddrick was, is and remained a respected and sophisticated woman though the left keeps running over her to get to the latest weapon to use against Republicans.

When Broaddrick discovered that “well-meaning people” had launched a crowdfunding campaign for her – although few years late – the woman who filed a sexual assault accusations against former President Bill Clinton in April 1978 when he was the attorney general of Arkansas, said thanks, but no thanks.

With the recent GoFundMe craze raising money to foot the expenses for Christine Blasey Ford during her decades-old accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Broaddrick’s response to the gesture on her behalf was quite refreshing.

“I won’t take money for what I am doing,” she related in a follow-up tweet.

One Twitter user recommended she join and use the money and join forces with Clinton’s other accusers to create a foundation, Broaddrick withdrew herself and suggested that Kathleen Wiley could use the funds for a personal need.

Broaddrick made this statement following the launching of the two GoFundMe accounts on behalf of Ford which collected over $738,000, raising all kinds of questions about the ethical implications. Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley argued on Fox News about how one can now effectively “be in the market for witnesses” since Laura Ingraham wondered if the campaign has “created a new incentive” for accusers.

Broaddrick ripped Democrats last week for their double standard after the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Kavanaugh. She told to Fox News’ Sean Hannity about how her accusations were not taken into serious consideration as Ford’s, noting that Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin owned her an apologie.

“I think they should have walked out and apologized to me for what they did to me in 1999, completely turning their backs on me,” Broaddrick said.

She found an ally in Karen Monahan, the woman accusing Minnesota Democrat, Rep. Keith Ellison, of assaulting her when the two were dating.

“I am so sorry for what you went through. Thank you for being a voice for women around the country,” Monahan tweeted. “I stand in solidarity with you and survivors all around the world.”

The decision that Broaddrick made about withdrawing from the GoFundMe campaign was met with lots of applause on Twitter, as some even suggested buying her book recounting the allegations against Clinton, in lieu of donations.

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