A Member Of The North Korea “WE FAILED” Team Criticizes President Trump

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In the recent past of the first Trump Administration, former CIA chief Leon Panetta was on a sort of mini-panel with then CIA head Mike Pompeo. Panetta said something to the effect that President Trump needed message discipline in Tweeting. Pompeo counterpunched with “message discipline got us to those places” or where the hot spots in the world existed when Trump took the White House.

In other words, we’re changing methods because what Y’all did before just got us in a mess of trouble.

Dragging former officials from previous administrations out of the woodwork to question Donald Trump’s methods of communicating and making deals seems to be a modus operandi of the mainstream media any time there is a perceived falter in his stride. That perception took hold this week when TRUMP “canceled” the upcoming summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. (In deal-making, the person canceling the meeting is the one holding what the other party wants.) And, just like clockwork, ABC’s Martha Raddatz dragged Michael Hayden, himself a former CIA head and National Security Agency head, to throw red meat to the people who are convinced via the mainstream media echo chamber that self-made billionaire Donald Trump is a complete idiot.

“Kim Jong Un knows his [nuclear] program inside and out,” Hayden told ABC News Global Correspondent and “This Week” co-anchor Martha Raddatz on Sunday. “I think he knows what he can concede and what it means and what he cannot concede.”

“I don’t know that the president has done the kind of homework” to give him the same level of knowledge, said Hayden, who headed the CIA under Presidents George W. Bush and Obama, and who also served as director of the National Security Agency under both Bush and President Clinton.

Hayden said he hopes any summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “stays at the level of principles,” rather than delving into specifics.

Hayden said that, ideally, in the summit, “They talk about denuclearization, allow each side to kind of cower within the ambiguity of denuclearization, and then, seriously begin a process that makes the peninsula less dangerous than it is today.”

Hayden doesn’t actually think that Trump got to be where he is without knowing how to sidestep landmines, does he? Or do his homework for that matter. Just because Trump didn’t come of age in government service doesn’t mean he can’t navigate it deftly. So far, Trump has been out in front of most issues. There’s no reason to think that isn’t the case with North Korea.

Honestly, what the people see from the network “news” is what they want us to see, not always what really happened. And we don’t even know what the White House and President Trump himself knows about the situation.

That being the case, second-guessing the moves, and giving unsolicited advice on the matter is the height of arrogance from one of the people who watched the entire scenario develop and escalate under his watch.

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