Adam Schiff Expects President Trump To Go To Jail {{VIDEO}}

Go to jail. Go Directly to jail. Do not collect $200, etc. That is the message the Democrats are giving President Donald J. Trump. It doesn’t matter what he has done or what he has not done, or that these politicians are guilty of the supposed crimes themselves, oh, no, it is expected that Trump will be arrested at the next president’s inauguration and then go to jail for, well, something.

Representative Adam Schiff of California said so.

Rep. Adam Schiff, widely expected to take over the House Intelligence Committee next year, said Sunday that President Trump “faces the very real prospect of jail time” once he leaves office.

Schiff (D-Calif.) said recent memos released by the Southern District of New York and the Mueller team appear to link the president to potential crimes including campaign finance violations.

“There’s a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office that the Justice Department may indict him,” Schiff said.

“He may be the first president in quite some time to face jail time,” he added….

He said the fact that Trump may have “coordinated an illegal campaign scheme that may have had an election-altering impact is breathtaking.”

The last president to go to jail was Ulysses S. Grant who was arrested for driving too fast in his horse-drawn carriage. Since Trump hasn’t actually driven any conveyance since his campaign started, there’s a good bet that won’t be the charge. No, the insiders are busy trumping up something else.

It would be interesting to see a lawsuit against Donald Trump for violating campaign finance laws when he financed his campaign himself. It would also be interesting to see prosecution against him for “collusion” when that is not a crime and since the investigation put together to rout it out has found nothing of the sort.

So, why are the Democrats saying Trump will see jail time?

No, really, the American people want to know.

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