AG For California Considers Legal Action Over Use Of Force At The Border

The California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is actually considering legal action against the Trump Administration for their use of force on the southern border…

For those who don’t know this clown, he is a former member of Congress who now holds the title of California’s Attorney General, but you would never know it with all the time he spends filing lawsuits against the Trump Administration… In the past year and a half, he has filed some 38 lawsuits against the Trump Administration and is considered a leader in the “resistance” by the liberal Democrats

The lawsuits challenging the Trump Administration so far have covered issues dealing with the rights of transgenders, immigration, the environment, healthcare, and probably the sun rising in the east and setting in the west… Now he wants to add the use of force to the list.

Attorney General Xavier Becerra did admit in an interview with Reuters that the only way he could get involved is if a resident of California were to be affected… That pretty much makes this all a bunch of BS political talk for national attention although I would not put it past him to send some California liberal to Mexico with instructions to rush the border with a bunch of migrants and become a victim.

Call me crazy but if I were a taxpaying resident of California, and they pay a heck of a lot of tax, I would want a refund… I expect my state Attorney General that my tax money supports to spend their time dealing with issues of the state, not leading a resistance for the Democrats spending all their time in some federal court harassing the President.

I’m not exactly sure how anyone figures using tear gas would justify any sort of excessive force being used. The border patrol officers are tasked with defending our borders and they have every right to use any appropriate amount of force to protect themselves and the border.

The more appropriate ones to prosecute would be the parents of these young children being used as props to gain sympathy… They are the ones rushing our border with young children putting them in danger.

It’s Democrats like Xavier Becerra that make me wonder how in the heck anyone can vote for them…


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  1. I can’t believe that the liberal idiots in California are still proving to the world how stupid they are! Every day we see their display of idiocy being shown and proving they feel that way by doing what they do.

  2. So what this liberals are saying is “Just let them in and there will be no need for violence”. These idiots obviously don’t understand the laws of this country which is understandable because the schools don’t teach them any longer!!!!

  3. So…

    The ‘attorney general of kalifornicated’ continues to COMMIT FEDERAL FELONIES and isn’t being held in Leavenworth, pending his transfer to Guantanamo for ‘questioning’?

  4. Its not like the US govt hasn’t given warnings to those entering the country illegally. They insist upon ignoring.. yet, when measures are taken in so to get their attention.. its whine whine whine. California AG must not have a clear understanding of the law.

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