Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has A Message For Her Fellow Radical Liberals

Beginners luck can be heady. Hopefully, that’s all New York Congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the group she hangs out with, the “Justice Democrats,” have had as they’ve been picking off incumbent Democrats in safe districts where it really looks like the party has gotten complacent.

In a new promotional video the Justice Democrats — the group that found Ocasio-Cortez as well newly sworn-in Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who likewise dethroned an incumbent Democrat — Ocasio-Cortez puts out the call to her fellow democratic socialist-minded activists to oust congressional members of her own party, declaring it’s “#OurTime.”

“Don’t people realize that the most powerful position you can be in is when you are not materially attached to a position of power,” Ocasio-Cortez says in a conversation with fellow Justice Democrat leaders. “If you’re a one-term congress member, so what? You can make ten years worth of change in one term if you’re not afraid.”

“We as Justice Democrats have the chance to really transform the Democratic Party running in competitive primary elections in Democratic-held seats is important,” says one of the leaders, Ocasio-Cortez nodding in agreement.

“One of the important things that gets told in order to like settle us down is, ‘I agree with you. We have the same goals,” says the freshman representative. “It’s great that everyone thinks these issues are important. We need to make them urgent.”

After the group’s members stress again the importance of primarying incumbent Democrats, Ocasio-Cortez says, “And if everyday people don’t feel comfortable in their own skin at the most powerful levels of government, then what’s the point?”

If this is the way the newcomers are thinking, and are encouraging other inexperienced people to run for office, then the Democrat Party as we know it is in real trouble. The hardcore idealistic socialists are taking over, or at least are trying to.

They aren’t being subtle about it, either.


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  1. Someone needs to tell this crazy ass bitch that it is not her time nor will it ever be her time, no crazy ass loon who probably can’t even balance her own check book should be allowed to represent anything except maybe a ride at Disney Land if they’ll even hire her.Crack her in the mouth with a two by four.

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