Alyssa Milano Proud To Support Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Brave Decision’ To Tell Her Story — But There Is One Problem

alyssa milano

Christine Blasey doesn’t need to worry anymore as Alyssa Milano is giving her full support to her:

What’s wrong with Alyssa? Ford hasn’t made any “brave decision to tell her story.” Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have offered Ford numerous chances. They’ve worked very hard to accommodate her. And their efforts have been rewarded with excuses and obfuscation from Ford, her lawyers, and the Democrats. We can use so many adjectives to describe what we’ve seen from Team Ford: none of them are “brave.”

Hence comes the question of whether we should consider standing with a Democrat’s alleged victim as Alyssa Milano’s ’brave decision’?

The Trump News Gazette


  1. WHO???

    and do I care….

    We get flooded with the opinions of “STUPID and UNDER” 24/7, and just another ZERO IQ blowhard has no value to the discussion.

  2. why didn’t she come forward months ago when he was brought forward . this woman has had months to expose him, yet she did not what is she a good democrat talking to other
    democrats to wait for a few days before the vote then tell her oh so sad story.
    she should told her parents or the elephants who she said were in the room how much is this worth?

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