American Cities Seeing Rat Plague

The increase of some of the world’s most invasive furry rodents in American cities is being blamed on the young and upwardly bound. There is no doubt in the slightest that additional trash draws scavenging omnivores, but are the people running New York and other major American cities seriously going to tell the world that an increased rat infestation is due to restaurant goers leftovers?

It seems so.

A Manhattan avenue lined with trendy restaurants has become a destination for foodies — and rats who help themselves to their leftovers….

Rat sightings reported to the city’s 311 hotline have soared nearly 38 percent, to 17,353 last year from 12,617 in 2014, according to an analysis of city data by, a nonprofit watchdog group, and The New York Times. In the same period, the number of times that city health inspections found active signs of rats nearly doubled….

One key reason rats seem to be everywhere? Gentrification. The city’s construction boom is digging up burrows, forcing more rats out into the open, scientists and pest control experts say.

Restaurant-goers and new construction cannot be the only reason for this. Naturally, one of the science fads in the news is also being blamed.

Milder winters — the result of climate change — make it easier for rats to survive and reproduce. And New York’s growing population and thriving tourism has brought more trash for rats to feed on.

And New York is not the only city experiencing an uptick in the number of disease-carrying rodents running wild.

But the onslaught of rats extends beyond New York: Cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles are also confronting outbreaks…

Chicago — crowned the nation’s rat capital in one study — has more than doubled its work crews dedicated to rats, who set out poison and fill in burrows in parks, alleys and backyards. It also passed ordinances requiring developers and contractors to have a rat-control plan before demolishing buildings or breaking ground on new projects.

Washington, where rat complaints have nearly tripled to roughly 6,000 last year from 2,400 in 2014, is testing a rat-sterilization program tried elsewhere that uses liquid contraceptives as bait.

Good luck with that.

Whatever is going on, the rat population in North America is on the rise, and action needs to be taken to kill them off. Using contraceptive based poison…sure.

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  1. Put a ten dollar bounty on the heads of the rats, this will not only drop the population, but will keep some people busy that otherwise might not work. Now I know that some of these rats might be turned in looking like some local politicians, and or even federal politicians, but the goal here is to drop the rat population, so we might have to excuse some mistakes in identity. We could also drop some of the regulations regarding ingesting or serving rats, and that will allow some restaurants and guest to enjoy things others might not find appetizing. Now the money we will save by no longer needing the overpaid and overpaid prices for trying to eliminate the critters by current methods, will offset the cost of the bounty’s paid. And the money earned by the bounty hunters when spent will stimulate the economy and it all turns out to be a winner.

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