American, French, And British Forces DESTROY Three Targets In Syria

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The United States, France, and the United Kingdom launched a joint forces attack in the pre-dawn hours on three specific targets in Syria known to either store or manufacture chemical warfare weapons.

General Mattis and General Dunford both emphasized during their initial briefing late Friday night that the targets were carefully chosen to avoid any collateral damage and loss of civilian life.

President Trump addressed the nation shortly after the bombing campaign began and French President Emmanuel Macron and the United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May have both confirmed their nation’s involvement in the joint forces bombing campaign.

The specific targets bombed were as follows:

  1. A Military Scientific Research Center in the Damascus area used for the research, development, production, and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology.
  2. A chemical weapons storage facility near the city of Homs that serves as a primary storage depot for Syria’s sarin gas.
  3. This is a combined chemical weapons equipment storage facility and important command post also located near the city of Homs.

There are also reports that an airport was targeted but that has not been confirmed yet.

General Dunford said this of the attacks:

“Important infrastructure was destroyed which will result in a setback for the Syrian regime. They will lose years of research-and-development data, specialized equipment, and expensive chemical weapons precursors.”

The joint forces attack utilized Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, B-1 Bombers, and Fighter Jets to strike the targets and some reports are saying there were over 100 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles fired at various targets.

Of course, the Syrians are doing their best to downplay the effect of the attacks on their military readiness. The State News Agency SANA cited an official source in the Syrian Ministry as saying:

“The barbaric aggression … will not affect in any way the determination and insistence of the Syrian people and their heroic armed forces. This aggression will only lead to inflaming tensions in the world and threatens international security.”

Iran and Russia have both made their initial comments trying to flex their muscle as if we are going to be afraid. Iran’s Foreign Ministry has said:

“The strikes against Syria by the US, UK, and France are a “flagrant violation of international law” that “ignores the sovereignty of Syria.”

This Tweet was sent out by Russia in the USA with a statement from Ambassador Antonov warning us there will be consequences:

I guess now we sit and wait… I would say be prepared for a lot of flexing and posturing over the next few days as the world’s leaders get into a barrel measuring contest to see who has the longest gun… Hopefully, they can limit their responses to trash talking (Trump wins hands down! LOL) and not sling any more lead…

Now would be a good time to start praying for world peace…


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