Another Celebrity Comes Out As A Trump Supporter

Being a fan and supporter of President Donald Trump can have its drawbacks when one is in entertainment and the arts. Many people know this, have experienced it, and have told their stories of isolation, losing longtime friends, and family not speaking due to political leanings and affiliations.

Now, another known entity in the temporal world, model Elizabeth Pipko, tells her story:

I don’t want to keep silent any longer. Even if that means saying goodbye to modeling forever. Not only am I proud of my work for Trump, but I also met amazing people — including my now husband, Darren Centinello, who is still part of the President’s campaign team. He works on digital and social media outreach/strategy for the 2020 race.

My husband and I got married at Mar-a-Lago in December. We weren’t worried about offending our guests — at this point, I’ve already lost so many friends because of my Trump affiliation, the ones left standing are here to stay.

I think Trump is great for women. He’s always promoted women to leadership positions at his real estate company and at the White House. And as for the alleged pay-offs to various women — it’s none of my business. I care about what President Trump has done and will do for my country.

An honest and objective review of President Donald Trump’s record both before his life in politics and after reveals that the hype surrounding his disdain for women is a bunch of poppycock. Those who fall for the salacious lies and stories put forth by the mainstream media courtesy of unscrupulous women and their lawyers are looking for a reason to make the case. It’s a way of dividing the American people, which seems to be about all modern politics is doing these days, tearing us apart when all Americans want the same things: safety, security, liberty, and the freedom to determine our own paths in life.


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  1. WE NEED THAT WALL -NOW. These dimwits who are against the wall have no idea what is going on down there. The border patrol has their hands full and then on top of that the ones who are sick. The latest one has the flesh eating disease, and that is in my state of NM. Some of the fencing that is down there is a joke you can climb over it in 3min. Its not going to stop anyone. and now reading about the terrorist have taken over the cartel –drugs and more then likely invading our country which has been going on for yrs. You have read about the ones that have been caught in the states and have been deported. And then the ones that the border patrol have caught. Ho9w do you think they got up to Michigan and Minn. They have found prayer rugs at the border and the poor ranchers dealing with their fences broken or their house broken into. They ahve to wear guns all the time. and then we have stubborn Pelosi. What is she in with the cartel. is she getting some of her money that way. Just how well do we know Mafia Pelosi.????

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