Another Democrat Presidential Candidate Bows Out

Not that we all didn’t see it coming, but it looks like the self-help personality of Marianne Williamson is no longer seeking the Democrat presidential candidacy.

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, the spiritual guru and bestselling author, ended her campaign on Friday, weeks before voting begins, saying she did not want to make it tougher for a progressive to win.

She also said she did not believe she would be able to gain enough support in the upcoming contests to make a difference in the race to challenge President Donald Trump.

In a post on her website, Williamson said “we will not be able to garner enough votes in the election to elevate our conversation any more than it is now.” Williamson has barely registered in the polls and struggled in fundraising since launching her bid for president last January.

Most political observers were expecting this after Williamson laid of her entire campaign staff before the New Year. The fact that she could not manage to raise campaign cash speaks to what the Democrat apparatus actually thought of her. She has no name recognition outside of her own genre.

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