Another Gun Free Zone Gets People Killed

Gun-free zone, single male shooter reported to be a President Trump supporter, semi-automatic rifle, event with a decent crowd…throw in mind-altering drugs (that information hasn’t surfaced as yet), and this is becoming a familiar theme.

This time, it was the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California that was hit.

At least three people were killed and 15 other people injured in a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California after a suspect, wearing tactical gear and armed with an assault rifle, opened fire, authorities and witnesses said Sunday night.

“It’s sort of a nightmare you hope you never have to live in reality,” Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee said at a news conference.

Smithee said the suspect, who was also shot and killed, appeared to be shooting “somewhat randomly,” and that investigators had no information on a possible motive. He said that police believed a second person may have been involved but that they didn’t know in what way.

Tragically, one of the victims was a six-year-old child.

Julissa Contreras, a witness who said she was a former police cadet, said in an interview Sunday night that she saw “your average white guy” firing what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle, “kind of just going left to right and shooting whoever he could, honestly.”…

Contreras said the man, who she said didn’t say anything, paused and appeared to reload.

“He definitely shot off more than 30 rounds,” she said. “It was just like nonstop — just like two, three, four shots a second.”

Contreras described the man as in his 30s, wearing a cap, sports sunglasses and what appeared to military-style clothing.

“He looked like, oh, he could work private security,” she said. “But he had, like, straps and clips, and he was completely prepared for what he was doing. Absolutely.”

Naturally, the event made headlines from coast to coast and prompted calls for tighter gun control laws.

Why is there a specific pattern to these shootings? That is a question that never seems to get asked or answered.


  1. Another mass shooting in a so-called “gun-free zone” …

    Once again it is obvious: A gun-free zone is a target-rich environment.

    Hoodlums know that their prospective victims cannot shoot back.

    Why don’t we read about some hoodlum shooting up a gun store? or a cop bar? or a firing range?


  2. I’m the NRA, they say it’s my fault.
    I know of no NRA member that has ever been involved in one of these shootings.
    They put up a sign, “Gun Free Zone”. The monster reads that and starts shooting. All the Americans that have been denied their Constitutional Right to self defense become targets, some die and the Democrats who invented the gun free zone blame me, and you and the tool. And they wonder why we elected President Trump.

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