Another Huge Meth Bust Proves Southern Border Needs Beefed Up Security

In the constant drumbeat from President Donald Trump when it comes to the United States’s border with our neighbor to the south, Mexico, one of the line items that are part of the message is the flow of drugs coming across the border.

At this time, the drugs that we know about are coming through the official border checkpoints. On a regular basis, these busts are stopping millions of dollars worth of drugs from crossing into the United States, usually in commercial shipments of other products.

One such bust happened over the weekend in Texas.

The situation unfolded at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge cargo facility when CBP officers crossed paths with a 42-year-old Mexican citizen, who had “a commercial shipment of frozen strawberries” that was incoming from Mexico, the agency said.

“CBP referred the shipment for further inspection and with the use of all available tools and resources, officers discovered 350 packages of alleged methamphetamine concealed within the trailer,” the news release said. “CBP OFO seized 906 pounds of methamphetamine along with the tractor/trailer.”

The drugs were valued at $12,700,000, officials said.

Again, these are the drugs that the Customs and Border Patrol are actually catching coming into the country because these are the places where the personnel is in place to actually inspect and make busts.

That does not account for whatever drugs are coming through parts of the border that are not monitored, like where President Trump wants to put a decent barrier or wall, something that at least gives the smugglers pause. This bust was also just about drugs. The human trafficking situation remains relatively unchanged as coyotes smuggle people across the border, and along the way, women and girls are raped repeatedly. That is the humanitarian crisis in the struggle for the border wall that even the Democrats do not deny happens.

These are the reasons support for President Trump’s efforts to secure the southern border is high among the people. We recognize the problems and really do want the nation to be secure.

So, why is it then that the swamp people on Capitol Hill are fighting to keep the wall from being built?

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