Another Republican Stalwart Fired By President Trump

Here today, gone tomorrow. It’s the story of the GOP regulars who actually manage to see the inside of the Trump Administration.

The latest casualty in the revolving door at the White House is none other than National Security Advisor John Bolton.

As usual, President Donald Trump told the world via his Twitter account.

Well, alrighty then. No kind words for best of luck in the future, etc. Nope, just drop kick the man who has been the face of Republican foreign policy for a couple of decades out of the orbit of the inner circle.


Bolton was Trump’s third national security adviser and continued the pattern of departures by advisers who proved a bad fit for a White House led by the rare president with no prior experience with the military, national security or elected office.

Bolton’s aggressive positions on Venezuela, North Korea and Afghanistan clashed with the comparative reluctance of his boss to entertain new confrontations and wind down some old ones.

Trump wanted to cut bait on the long-running war in Afghanistan, faulted the U.S. invasion of Iraq and rattled the foundations of America’s security posture around the world, including its forward deployment of forces and system of alliances in Europe and Asia.

Bolton, meanwhile, communicated in old-school terms to leaders in Caracas, Pyongyang and Tehran, with threats about direct action by the U.S. military….

During a chill in relations, Bolton couched the long-planned deployment of an aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, as a quick response to ostensible threats by Iran to American forces in the Middle East.

U.S. commanders also sent other units, including B-52 bombers, in what they called a move to try to deter an Iranian attack.

And Bolton also was said to have been a crucial force in torpedoing an agreement between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, seeking broad concessions from Kim about his weapons of mass destruction.

Angry North Korean officials later called Bolton “dim-sighted.”

Bottom line, Bolton and President Trump did not see eye to eye. Now, he’s gone.

Imagine that.

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