Another State Explores The Legalization Of Marijuana

Now that the Pandora’s box of cannabis legalization is open, any number of states are hopping on the bandwagon and rushing to legalize the drug for not just medicinal, but recreational purposes. The latest is North Carolina, where one has to visit special stores just to buy hard liquor.

North Carolina State Rep. Kelly Alexander will meet with other lawmakers for the discussion and plans to push for cannabis reform.

“It’s time now for the legislators in North Carolina to catch up with the people,” Alexander told WNCN.

One supposes that the people have spoken on this in that state. The rest of us will have to take their word for it.

So, how are the legislators in North Carolina going to do legalization? Use the liquor store segregation as a model, of course.

One idea that he is lifting up is a local approach to marijuana legalization. This idea is inspired by the state’s county-by-county approach to alcohol sales.

“North Carolina has an ABC system that pretty much is the model,” Alexander told WNCN. “We have dry counties. We have wet counties. We have portions of counties that may be wet, and the rest of them are dry. All of those are driven by local option decisions. Either by the decisions of local-elected boards, or by votes of the people.”

All politics, and cannabis sales, are local.

And so it is that North Carolina may be the next state to legalize pot joining a national movement that assures eating brownies nationwide might give everyone more than just a sugar and caffeine rush.


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