Antifa Thugs Busted In Berkeley Have Their Scariest Dream Come True

What the heck is in the water in Berkeley? Seriously, is there something in the earth, air, and water where the state of California is not burning that messes with the sense God gave geese and supposedly humans? How is it after people identified as Antifa members were arrested and charged with violent crimes can University of California professors care that their pictures were posted by the Berkeley police.

Oh, yeah, since the perps wore masks over the weekend when destroying property until the cops did that, no one knew who the Antifa members were.

Now their greatest fear has become a reality… the world knows who they are!:

“This is very disturbing,” Veena Dubal, a University of California law professor and former Berkeley police review commissioner, told The Guardian. “It seems like a public-shaming exercise, which is not the role of the police department … They are making it really accessible for folks who might wish these people harm to locate them.”

Uh…law professor…yeah, arrests are part of the public record. The people have a right to know who is doing the crime so we can push for them doing time.

Remember that from law school?

And public-shaming, yeah, we don’t do the whole town square stocks anymore. We don’t tar and feather either. Either one would be more shameful than publishing public record mug shots.

Or preventing the destruction of private property. That’s a crime too.

Someone seriously needs to look up the name Benito Mussolini and get back to the rest of us who know who and what real fascism is all about.

With thought processes like this, no wonder we in America have a criminal justice system that favors the criminal rather than the victim. Yes, it is true that we should take every precaution to ensure those who are innocent are not convicted of crimes they did not commit, but these Antifa people in Berkeley were caught in the act. We the people have a right to know who they are and let the chips fall as they may. Anyone committing a crime against these perps should be arrested and prosecuted just the same.

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    • They all look so very dark and strange, like the walking dead…There is no spark of life in them at all.

  1. Would someone please get these ‘antifa’ morons a dictionary and show them how to use it? I don’t think they understand the meaning of the word ‘fascist’ (and how it actually applies to them)

  2. What did they expect would happen when arrested for criminal destruction of Private Property and arriving at the Police Department? Did they think the Police are going to take their ugly Mug Shot with their masks they HIDE BEHIND. Just goes to show you how UNintelligent these fools are.

  3. I love it! The cops are finally doing their jobs and arresting these provocateurs. Shining the light on these cockroaches should dissuade them from further violence. Bye bye brownshirts.

  4. Um, 16 pictures. I think there are 6 female amongst them but I’m not really sure. What I CAN say is that ALL 16 are extremely UGLY! Please put their masks back on! No wonder they are so DAMNED FULL OF HATE! God was not very kind to them!
    They ALL need to spend a lot of time in the clink. Maybe when they grow up, they will see the errors or their ways.

  5. Oh, so maybe now CONSERVATIVES can confront them in restaurants? Or like Maxine Waters suggests: In a department store? At a gas pump? So let’s see if turnabout is fair play and how they like a little of their own medicine.

  6. Crying that the same people that publish home addresses of people they don’t like are being publicly outed and made targets is laughable. All arrests are public record. Nothing wrong with showing the faces of people that have been arrested

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