Argument Over NFL Kneeling Ends Thanksgiving Dinner After Father Shoots Son!

The national debate over NFL kneeling continues. The fans, at least those with the courage of their convictions, have spoken. Tens of thousands of seats in stadia around the nation remain empty week after week as tickets remain unsold.

That does not mean that closer to home, the debate does not still rage. In North Carolina, over the Thanksgiving Dinner table, one family got into the sort of argument that bolsters the adage in manners claiming politics is not a topic for polite conversation, especially on a holiday.

Here’s the deal … cops say 51-year-old Jorge Luis Valencia-Lamadrid had invited family members over to his home for Turkey Day when his two sons began arguing about NFL kneelers.

The sons began fighting and Jorge tried to break it up — but realized his kids were too strong. So, he went and got his shotgun.

Officials say Jorge told his 21-year-old son — who appeared intoxicated — to leave the home.

Things began to escalate again — and the son allegedly threw a water bottle at Jorge, striking him in the face — and causing him to squeeze the trigger on his gun.

The shot connected with his son — striking him in the hand and leg. Jorge told cops he checked on his son, made sure he wasn’t seriously injured and then went inside to change his clothes.

Jorge has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and the son is going to recover just fine, but still, how many arguments over the Thanksgiving table end up with dad pulling a shotgun on the kids? The worst that ever happened in this writer’s family were the parents getting into a fight, and one of the kids throwing up. That was a Christmas, actually, but the same principle applies.

On holidays, leave politics at the door even if it is football related.

(See what Colin Kaepernick started?)


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