Auntie Maxine Says You Are Unable To Understand The Danger Trump Poses


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Recently on #AMJOY, a race-baiting ultra progressive show on MSNBC, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters went on one of her insane mindless rants explaining in essence that the general public is just too stupid to understand the complexities of the Russia investigation and the danger President Trump poses to her Democracy… I refer to it as “her Democracy” because my America is a Republic, as I know yours is.

During the interview, Joy is discussing a poll in which people were asked if they knew the Mueller investigation had resulted in any crimes being uncovered. As one would expect, a lot more Democrats believe crimes have been uncovered that Republicans, but roughly 60 percent of the people had no idea.

In many ways, one can argue that there have been no crimes uncovered related to the campaign that we know of at this time. Those that have been convicted of crimes thus far were not convicted of crimes “related” to the campaign…

The convictions have been for lying to the FBI and one could argue they were perjury traps made possible through recorded communications with the target of the FISA warrant… Who has been charged with NOTHING.

To add insult to injury, the lies they were caught in were not even things they had to lie about, but it was in the initial days of the investigation, they were caught off guard, and must have thought they should deceive the investigators not knowing what they were up to at the time. Stupid mistakes to be sure, but to say their convictions have anything to do with President Trump or his campaign “colluding” with the Russians a hella long stretch.

Then, of course, there is Paul Manifort who was the campaign manager for all of a month or so, who the FBI felt they had to raid his house with a no-knock warrant and confiscate everything they could remove… What the liberal media never mentions is that everything he has been charged with has to do with crimes he may have committed some 12 years ago and had absolutely nothing to do with his role with the campaign or the campaign itself…

At least two Federal Judges have questioned Mueller’s motivation and authority recently. U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis told the Mueller team at a recent hearing that he believed their motivation is to oust President Trump and U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson questioned the authority of Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein’s directive appointing Mueller suggesting he may have granted him more authority than the Justice Department regulations permit.

Then we have the 13 Russian companies that have been indicted for meddling in the election that AG Rod Rosenstein made very clear when they were announced that no one in the campaign or any American citizen was implicated in any wrongdoing or had knowledge they were or may have dealt with one of the Russian companies. We have since learned when attorneys appeared in court to represent some of these companies, that one of the companies did not even exist during the period they were alleged to have committed the crime.

Auntie Maxine babbles on about people not knowing that three countries have been indicted and Donald Jr. meeting twice with the Russians and other nonsense that one would only hear from “Low IQ Maxine.” I wish I could help you out with what the heck she was talking about when she says three countries have been indicted… I’d say that’s a question only she could answer, but my bet is even she could not explain that one. LOL

I’ll leave you to listen to her tell you that this is too much for you to understand and keep up with… I’d say something like this woman needs to be voted the hell out of Congress, but I have my suspicions that she has actually been voted into her office… She will probably die there listening to a State of the Union Address with a smug look on her face.


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  1. this is all bullshit she is lier, it makes me sick just watching her. i want to know why mis clenton is not going to jail all the lies and body she has left in her wake . it makes me sick. you guy are just as bad . and i think most people feel this way. we want to see clenton go to prison

  2. I think Maxine Waterhead left her brain to science, but forgot to tell them to wait until after she died.. Seriously — this woman has lost her mind. Literally. And she says the PRESIDENT is mentally ill???

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