Baltimore Remains In The Headlines As Poster Child For Failed Democrat Leadership

The United States hasn’t seen this much of Baltimore since Camden Yards, Major League Baseball’s version of Heaven opened.

And we’re getting a good idea of why.

All of the attention on what was once Charm City began when President Trump asked the Twitter room where all the federal money sent to Rep. Elijah Cummings district went since it encompasses the worst neighborhoods in the ‘burg.  Since then, residents, other lawmakers, and more have chimed in with additional questions. Both the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson who shared that he hated sending young patients home from  Johns Hopkins to rat and roach infesting homes, and HUD regional administrator Lynne Patton talked about the Trump Administrations efforts to help Baltimore…and the lack of results.

Dr. Carson intends to return to the city this week to do a deep dive on conditions there.

“While I was there, I worked on a lot of issues with many politicians, including Elijah Cummings, particularly in terms of childhood education and improving the life for the people,” Carson said on Fox News. “And I think what President Trump was trying to say is that rather than spending your time talking about, you know, our brave border agents and investigating endlessly things that you can’t find anything on, why not spend some time working more for these people, you know, who are suffering?”

Good question. Not that most of the sympathetically leftist legacy media is reporting it that way. No, their take is that attacking Baltimore is racist, especially since the poverty rates are far worse deep in Trump territory. USA Today did a whole piece pointing out the details.

The least educated states are, from 46th to 50th: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia and Mississippi.

Highest poverty rates (46th to 50th): Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi.

Most dangerous (46th to 50th): Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico.

Highest share of people on food stamps in 2017 (46th to 50th): Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, New Mexico.

Most dependent on federal aid — i.e., “socialism” (46th to 50th): Kentucky, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi.

Most polluted (46th to 50th): Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana.

Most people lacking health insurance (46th to 50th): Florida, Georgia, Alaska, Oklahoma, Texas.

Maybe so, but none of these places are getting reputations for being rat-infested. That designation is going to Los Angeles, New York and now Baltimore. Also, all that federal aid to Republican-held states is accounted for and at least is being utilized.

There’s no sign of the $16 Billion that went into Elijah Cummings’s district.

Reconcile that.

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  1. The President exposed the Corruption in the Democrat Party.
    The question now is where is the 16 Billion Dollars? Since that money belonged to us deplorable taxpayers we demand to see the audit trail and perp walks. No more Mr. Nice Deplorable…..

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