Barack Obama Put Pressure On Trump During Pennsylvania Rally, Setting Free His Successor

barack obama

Following a prolonged pause, former President Barack Obama is once again in the limelight, holding his first local rally on Friday night in Philadelphia as Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) both fight for re-election in 2018.

The former president holds nothing back on the stump, expressing criticism of the divisive rhetoric of President Donald Trump and highlighting that the economy started enhancing under Obama’s watch.

Obama pointed out the improved numbers toward the end of his presidency and told the crowd, “They act like it just started. Please.”

Watch the video below:

It was immediately easy to understand that Obama’s absence from the world of teleprompters and crowds hasn’t dimmed his ability to light up a room. At the beginning of his speech, he noted that he hasn’t been to Philly since the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

“I know you’re feeling good […] but I came here to deliver a very simple message, and that is to vote,” he said.

Later in the speech, he railed against the nationalist bits of rhetoric coming out of the White House.

“You don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican to say that we do not target people based on how they look, how they pray, what their last name is, what their sexual orientation is,” Obama said.

Watch the video below:

Obama has always been outspoken in his criticism of the White House’s treatment of groups of people. During his first appearance in early September, he asked a crowd, “How hard can that be? Saying that Nazis are bad?”

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