Before McCain Was Their Hero Fighting Trump, The Media Used Rather Dirty Swearwords For Him


Just as the wind determines how the weather will be, the changing political narrative over time says a lot about politics.

The political winds were subject to great shifts when it comes to the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, particularly from the liberal media. McCain, of course, died on Saturday after battling with brain cancer.

The political spectrum was flooded with tributes and acknowledgments, with grievers ranging from George W. Bush to Barack Obama expressing approval and admiration for the long-serving senator and military veteran.

There’s definitely nothing immoral with being civil when a man like McCain passes, even taking into consideration of the objections many differences have had with him in the past.

Surprisingly to some extent, the left also used the opportunity to show respect and admiration towards former Republican presidential candidate … but the way the same liberals criticized him just a few years ago is an eye-opening example of how narratives work.

Comparing how left-leaning outlets spoke of McCain after his death versus when he was alive, it’s difficult to expect a more dramatic 180-degree reversal in tone.

Seemingly, there is one common theme: The same outlets that trashed the senator a decade ago are now enthusiastically endorsing him now that they can use his passing to attack President Donald Trump.

That’s precisely what several pundits including independent journalist Mike Cernovich highlighted on Twitter. A set of screenshots show how fervently outlets like The Huffington Post trashed and slammed McCain when he was a leading Republican, only to evidently develop bipolar disorder the moment he died.

“They all hated McCain, now they use his death to attack Trump. It’s a bunch of lies,” Cernovich wrote. He backed that opinion up with a series of tweets from Cher, the celebrity singer, an outspoken leftist.

Cher — while not noted for her towering intelligence — described McCain as a “teabagger” and claimed that he was Nero in 2013. She also implied that he was some kind of hell-bent demon, declaring “SULFUR FOLLOWS HIM WHEREVER HE GOES!”

Fast forward to this week. All of a sudden, the same Cher came into McCain’s defense and reproaching President Donald Trump for not commenting on the senator’s then-impending death. It appears the singer had swiftly found a soft spot for the “teabagger” the moment he could be used against Trump.

Then there’s The Huffington Post.

It’s a quite entertaining contradiction: If leftists were truly convinced that McCain was a racist, sexist demon who was losing his marbles 10 years ago, why are they now showing concerns that Trump has been critical of the same person and a foil to the Arizona senator since taking office?

And, if liberals now accept as true the fact that McCain was a great figure whom we — including the president — must all admire, why did they slander him during the last decade?

The best answer we can come up with is that the liberal narrative changes as it is needed. It is absolutely riddled with hypocrisy. There is no stability, no firm foundation or standard by which they judge politics or people.

“How can we spin this to smear our opponents today?” That appears to be the motto of the modern left.

It’s not horribly surprising, but it is disgraceful at great extent, especially when real human beings like John S. McCain are the ones being involved in a conflict that he is not a part of.

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