Billionaire Running For President Puts Out Anti-America Agenda Items

Somehow, it is doubtful that billionaire Tom Steyer knows a darn thing about the American people. Seriously. If he did, he would not be making idiotic campaign promises like:

A Steyer administration … [will] provide a safe platform for immigrants to share their culture and celebrate their heritage, foster opportunities for public service that support new Americans, and coordinate with Federal agencies and the private sector in order to build workforce training and fellowship opportunities for immigrants with professional qualifications from their home nation to help them leverage their specialized skills in the American marketplace.

Wait a minute…didn’t little Tommy get the memo that We the People, the Deplorables who elected President Donald Trump, are all about putting AMERICANS and AMERICA first with immigrants earning their way into being one of us? I mean, it honestly looks like Steyer wants to take hard-earned, American tax dollars and just give them to people coming here to squat. Some are doing that legally, and we the people welcome them, but many others aren’t.

Why does Steyer think they deserve any of our cash?

But Steyer is a billionaire investor, so illegal migrants will not be moving into his very expensive and well policed neighborhood. The New Yorker magazine described his house in 2013:

President [barack Obama] flew to San Francisco on April 3rd for a series of fund-raisers. He stopped in first at a cocktail reception hosted by Tom Steyer, a fifty-six-year-old billionaire, former hedge-fund manager, and major donor to the Democratic Party. Steyer lives in the city’s Sea Cliff neighborhood, in a house overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Any inflow of migrants will be a boon to Steyer’s fellow investors who gain from the extra workers, consumers, and renters. For example, one gauge of real estate investments shows a 50 percent gain since 2015, even as Americans’ wages and salaries rose by only about 15 percent.

Follow the money.

That adage never seems to grow old.

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