Border Patrol Commissioner Hails SCOTUS Upholding Trump Asylum Ban

It was a shot in the arm much needed for the people who guard the southern border of the United States and their supporters. On Wednesday evening, the Supreme Court of the United States with a 7-2 vote declared that President Donald Trump’s tough asylum ban for migrants could be left in place while litigation to get the rule declared illegal made its way through the court system. 

At stake is the practice of migrants being allowed to travel through various nations without having to declare asylum in them while en route to the United States to do just that. President Trump is seeking to end that practice with the help of Mexico and other nations south of the border. Immigration advocates sued the administration to get the effort stopped. A judge in a lower court put a nationwide injunction in place while the case wound its way through the court system.

The Supreme Court put an end to that.

From the time it was announced, Wednesday’s decision was hailed as a victory for the administration.

The Supreme Court has sided with the Trump administration on its asylum restrictions — and Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan is calling it “a big victory.”

“If [asylum seekers] have a valid claim, they should be seeking help and asylum from the first country they come in contact with,” Morgan told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday.

He added: “They shouldn’t be paying the cartels thousands of dollars and risking their lives to take a thousand-mile journey across several countries to get help.”

The decision itself does not address the merits, or lack of them, in the case, but does allow the southern border to essentially be closed to migrants claiming asylum to just walk across the Rio Grande and into the United States without anything to stop them.

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