Border Patrol Shows Off New Section Of Wall In Drone Footage

Contrary to reports coming from the talking heads, the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico is getting built. Not only is it getting built, but the Customs and Border Protection people are taking videos of the progress, posting them online, and the mainstream media is ignoring that fact.

The footage posted below was featured in the UK’s Daily Mail. (Something is wrong when Americans get better news from overseas than at home.)

Okay, it’s only a mile of the wall, but it is a mile in a state where the leadership actively works against the installation on a daily basis. This particular section is in the Yuma vicinity which has its fair share of border crossing activity.

In April, construction crews broke ground on the replacement of 22 miles of old fencing in the border region near Yuma, Arizona.

The aging, rusty fences are being replaced with 30-foot-tall bollards, or steel slats, according to the Arizona Republic.

The federal government plans to replace aging fencing in six segments located along the 372-mile long frontier separating Arizona from Mexico sometime this year.

The area near San Luis is the first of six sections of the fence that CBP is working to upgrade.

The federal government and the military have so far announced plans to replace a total of 43 miles of fencing in southwestern Arizona.

The San Luis sector is the only portion of the under-construction wall that has been given a timeline for completion.

Officials said that the start date of construction in the Yuma region had to be pushed back because the area was dealing with an influx of migrants who crossed the border.

In the six-month period between November and April alone, CBP agents arrested 27,873 families and unaccompanied minors in the Yuma region.

Hence why we need the wall whether the Democrats and their handlers want it or not.

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  1. Don’t stop. This nation is being invaded. This nation is being destroyed. We need to fight to save her. One mile is one mile more than there used to be. It isn’t finished but it is a start. Never give up. Keep pushing. ALSO STOP giving free anything at all to illegal invaders, no food stamps, no rental assistance, no clothing allowance, no utilities assistance, no free ins. or medical care, no jobs, no citizenship, no anchor babies, no education NOTHING. Back charge the countries they come from for every single cent it cost us to capture, contain, deport each one to their country of origin. Watch the flow stop when there is nothing for free. Watch their home country stop them when it starts costing them funds.

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