BREAKING: Justice Kennedy Has Announced His Retirement

BREAKING NEWS: Justice Kennedy, the 81-year-old moderate conservative who President Gerald Ford appointed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1975 and was later appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan.

Justice Kennedy has often been the swing vote in many cases over the years. He has also been a strong advocate for gay rights, the death penalty, and abortion usually siding with the liberals but he held strong with conservatives on voting and gun rights.

He has indicated that he will retire on July 31, 2018, giving President Trump the possibility of replacing him before the November mid-terms just in case the Democrats get control. (Which I doubt they will :-))

It is likely whether they get control or not, that they will make any nomination put forward by President Trump really difficult to confirm and will most likely try to get some payback for not letting Obama’s nominee get through after Justice Scalia passed away. They held back Obama’s nominee for 14-months until President Trump was elected then swiftly appointed and confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch.

This could turn out being really good for conservatives for many years to come giving us a solid majority in the Supreme Court. As cruel as this may sound if President Trump gets a second term I can’t imagine Justice Ginsburg being around too much longer. At 85 she already looks like she will fall into a deep sleep and never wake up at the bench.

If President Trump gets to replace her or another Justice, this country will really have a solid conservative court of Justices who believe in basing their decisions on the law and not their emotions and personal beliefs like we heard expressed from the four who dissented in the Travel Ban case.

This is another huge win for President Trump and a really huge win for the future of our Republic!

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