Brennan Backtracks His Accusation That Trump Committed Treason

Now that his security clearance has been revoked, former CIA director John Brennan is playing nice. After President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a meeting that pundits still are furious that they do not know what was said between the two, Brennan all but accused President Trump of committing treason just by talking to Putin.

On Friday, while talking on air with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Brennan attempted to walk back his previous statements.

Maddow responded that she wasn’t questioning whether Brennan had the right to make those remarks, and then asked, “But do you stand by that consideration, and can you explain, can you elaborate what you mean by treasonous? It’s a very serious allegation.”

Brennan answered, “I know what the Russians did in interfering in the election. I have 100% confidence in what they did. And for Mr. Trump to stand on that stage in Helsinki, with all the world’s eyes upon him, and to basically [say] he wouldn’t — he doesn’t understand why would the Russians interfere in the election. He’s given Mr. Putin and the Russians a pass time after time after time, and he keeps referring to this whole investigation as a witch hunt, as bogus, as — and to me, this was an attack against the foundational principle of our great republic, which is, the right of all Americans to choose their elected leaders. And for Mr. Trump to so cavalierly just dismiss that, yes, sometimes my Irish comes out, and — in my tweets, and I did say that it rises to and exceeds the level of high crimes and misdemeanors and is nothing short of treasonous. … I didn’t mean that he committed treason, but it was a term that I used, nothing short of treasonous.”

Are we still on election interference? The witch hunt hamster wheel to nowhere that is the Mueller investigation so far has yielded no proof that the TRUMP campaign worked with anyone in the Russian government to influence public opinion. Brennan might take a look at the growing body of evidence that the Democrats might well be projecting when it comes to that.

Doesn’t matter now. Brennan has no reason to have any access to sensitive information anymore. Neither do any of his former cohorts. With all luck, his losing his status as connected in this way will be just the beginning.

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