California Democrat Has Articles Of Impeachment Cued Up Already

It’s the moment the far-left, and not all that bright Democrats have been waiting for: the day they “take control” of the House of Representatives, arguably the least powerful part of the government. That is not going to stop them, though. Oh, no. That is the segment of government that draws Articles of Impeachment against a sitting president – the Democrats have been itching to pass such bills for two years, no actual crime needed.

One California Congresscritter is ready and raring to go, too.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Rep. Brad Sherman plans to introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump on Thursday, the first day of Democratic control of the House.

Sherman (D-Northridge) is reintroducing a measure that he first rolled out in 2017. But this year it carries more political significance: The decision of whether to act on it rests with Democrats — not Trump’s Republican allies.

Sherman’s articles of impeachment accuse Trump of obstructing justice by firing former FBI Director James B. Comey, among other wrongdoing.

“There is no reason it shouldn’t be before the Congress,” Sherman said. “Every day, Donald Trump shows that leaving the White House would be good for our country.”

Every day Trump triumphs over the bind that globalists put the nation in over the last century is a demonstration of how ridiculous the people who insist on trying to remove him really are.

For the record, the effort to impeach President Trump does not enjoy universal approval from Democrats. Those in leadership, like now Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are not in favor of the drive as it will not receive public approval needed to actually do it and will expend precious political capital. Other leftists in the billionaire class such as Tom Steyer who stands to lose a lot of money with Trump’s policies in place are backing the moves.

One way or another, the globalists are going to try to get Trump out of office. It will be entertaining to watch them try.

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