California Senator Has Bizarre Demand For Who Gets Counted On US Census

It looks like even members of Congress need a civics refresher. In 2020, one of the few constitutionally mandated federal government functions comes up: the census. The survey taken every ten years determines the percentages of citizens in each state, and thus redistributes, if necessary, the number of seats in the House of Representatives – the people who represent CITIZENS of the nation, supposedly – each state gets. The states themselves determine where the district lines are drawn, but the census is about, in the end, the balance of power and the electoral college.

That is why, according to the left, the Democrats, the people who have trouble getting elected when they oppose traditional American values, every person in the country must be counted whether or not they are citizens.

Sen. Kamala Harris of California says so:

Why, because only counting citizens will change the number of representatives California has? There is every possibility that could happen if non-citizens are taken out of the state population totals for Congressional seat divvying. Too bad, so sad if it happens out in California. The state is bleeding actual producers and taxpayers thanks to Democratic policies. It could be that the big kahuna might not be so powerful once the final numbers are in.

And then there’s the matter of identity politics that the majority of Americans would like to see disappear.

U.S. Census officials must not count the number of citizens, legal immigrants or illegal migrants in the United States, but must categorize and count everyone’s sexual preferences and their sense of masculinity or feminity, says Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris….

Advocates for transgenderism claim roughly 0.6 percent of Americans want to live as members of the opposite sex. However, a study of the 2010 Census reported that only one in every 2,400 Americans has changed their name from one sex to another. That small fraction is just 0.04 percent of adults. The fight over numbers is politically important because progressive advocates are trying to persuade judges to establish the transgender ideology, which says that government and society must suppress any legal and civic regulation that men and women are both different and complementary.

In other words, the progressives are trying to create another recognized minority they can exploit.

Maddening. That’s what it is. An attempt to destroy from within and the really sad part is that Harris and her cohorts do not realize Americans are smart enough to see straight through their efforts.

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  1. Great idea! Then we will have your address so we send ICE in to pick your illegal ass up and deport you!

  2. The question re citizenship is simple. Yes or no. Information needed for congressional representation of citizens. The census question didn’t ask for legal status. But the “liberal” democrats scream “Racism!” because of an accurate count of the Citizenry (those entitled to representation) obstructs their plans for fraud.

  3. I tried to comment on the census but it was closed. There should be a question on the census which asks what status you have while living in America. Legal citizen 1)born here 2) legal nationalized 3) Visiting on a legal visa or 4) Illegal immigrants.
    Federal, state and local tax dollars are allocated and spent based on taxes paid by tax payers. The only taxes paid by illegal immigrants are sales tax which doesn’t pay for the education, MediCal, welfare and food stamps that here in California their able to receive.

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