Central California Gets Its Water Back

Wednesday was a big day for news. Not only was there a circular firing squad Democrat presidential candidate debate, and a big, loud Trump rally in Arizona, but President Trump made a trip to the central valley in California to reverse some of the most disastrous environmental regulations the Obama Administration imposed on the agricultural community in that state.

The official water “record of decision” was signed Wednesday, outlining endangered species rules for California’s main water hub. Central Valley politicians have railed for years against water restrictions intended to help salmon and smelt that inhabit the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and Delta further north.

The issue is red meat for the agriculture-heavy Central Valley and its lawmakers, including McCarthy and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). A day earlier, Nunes hosted a forum in his district highlighting the new rules with Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, refusing access to several media outlets, including POLITICO.

The new rules, of course, were slammed by everyone NOT in the Trump Administration or a Republican lawmaker from that part of California. That did not stop President Trump from doing what is right for the farmers and ranchers in that part of the country who contribute mightily to the nation’s food supply.

“I heard the governor say you get 50 gallons. Does 50 gallons sound okay?” Trump said “Fifty gallons is very, very little. Can you imagine a state being rationed when you have millions and millions and millions of gallons being poured out into the Pacific Ocean?”

Fifty gallons does not even do two loads of laundry for some of us.

Once again, President Trump is undoing the disastrous legacy of the previous administration that took what had been built over decades and all but destroyed it in the name of bowing to globalist overlords and environmental dictators.

No more.

And that is great for America.

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