CEO Of YouTube Tells Of How Company Saves Americans From Themselves

If this isn’t outright censorship, even if it is being done by a company and not the government, will someone please explain what is.

On Sunday evening, in a bombshell interview between Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, a Google company, and CBS’s Leslie Stahl on the news show “60 Minutes” the public learned more of the outrageous truth behind the disappearance of various videos from the platform and feeds of favorite subscriptions: Youtube is cutting access to “controversial content.”

So, let’s get this straight, Youtube is using a “good Samaritan clause” in the law that allows them to operate, to justify removing content that is not produced by a set group of “reliable” news organs. Said content can be whatever they label hate speech, or whatever other buzz terms currently in the lexicon of acceptable exclusions including “conspiracy theories” which are being proven less theoretical by the day.

Isn’t that convenient? Youtube is going out of its way to protect Americans – and everyone else – from making up their own minds about content and pushing narratives that are acceptable.

Well, that set off a storm online, specifically on Twitter where those who challenge the party line(s) coming out of the mainstream media have been systematically silenced for the last few years.

And that’s the least of it. Apparently, the people at the top of Youtube have a hard time keeping their own reviewers in line. That being the case, “counseling” is available for those who start to actually buy into conspiracy “theories” that are laid out in logical progressions by citizen journalists across the fruited plain.

Yes, it seems that the people at Youtube have decided to save Americans from ourselves. Our choices in what to watch are being pruned to serve the purposes of the news organs (and probably powerful people) being exposed as miscreants and liars.

Gee, thanks, Youtube. (Sarcasm tag should not be needed here.)

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