Chelsea Handler Bares All In Ridiculous Get Out The Vote Video


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For the love of God ladies of all political stripes. Keep your clothes on or go pose for Playboy if they will have you.

That is the sentiment of this writer and MILLIONS of other Americans (a lot of us have better boobs too) every time women, usually, liberals who have no sense of shame, take off their clothes to make a point. (There seems to be no other way these attention starved females are going to get it.)

Really, no one wants to see that. Not even on the nude beaches in the Caribbean where the people who should take off their clothes don’t and the ones that shouldn’t, do.

All you do is make the rest of us sick to our stomachs.

The latest to pull this stunt is leftist provocateur Chelsea Handler who is apparently not bright enough to realize that her disrobing is a metaphor for the Democrat Party platform this time around. Just like the fairy tale emperor, there’s no there, there when it comes to clothing the dead rats they call the issues.

“You have to vote like your life depends on it! Vote!” she says in the short video, which was posted as an Instagram story. Handler then plugged California Democrats Katie Porter and Gil Cisneros, telling her followers that she will be at their campaign headquarters….

“I find it really really unsettling that that’s the president of our country,” Handler said of Trump. “It’s so important that you don’t just register to vote but you also go to vote so we can take our country back for all the marginalized groups that are suffering under thumb. This is our country.”

Got news for you, Chelsea baby. Trump supporters are voting in this midterm election like our lives depend on it because they do. Democrats are threatening to stop the Trump train in its tracks and we don’t want that. We may not always like the way he goes about doing his job, but President Trump is getting results.

Which is more than leftists and Democrats can say about stripping down to skivvies or less just for attention.

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