Cher Turns On Nancy Pelosi And STUNS Democrats With Her Latest Demand

It looks like the Democrats may well be eating their own to an extent. Cher, the ultra-liberal “singer” and celebrity known for being famous, called out Democratic leadership on Wednesday to hold President Donald Trump’s feet to the fire when it came to getting Mexico to pay for the border barrier currently being erected despite not being funded. And then Cher called out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to end the government shutdown, which is hurting those dependent on government paychecks before the president does.

At least, that’s what that particular tweet is supposed to mean. The other half of Sonny and Cher seems to be talking in code, or tongues, one or the other.

As for the border crisis, anyone who actually has been paying attention to news outside of MSNBC, CNN and PBS knows darn well and good that people from south of the border and not necessarily Mexico have been crossing into the United States both legally and illegally by the tens, and sometimes hundreds, of thousands every year for decades.

This is nothing new.

What is new is the organization to it that materialized in late 2018 meant to produce negative optics for the president and his administration in the run-up to the midterm elections. It was known as a “migrant caravan” which is interesting as there were several lined up one after the other that were not allowed into the country. Those with suspicious minds called the columns of young men who were billed as families with children an invasion. That did not go over well with the pinkies up while they sip java crowd.

As for the rest, the drugs, human smuggling and trafficking, and so much more, the wall poses a threat to the people who supply the product chain. It is a crisis all the way around.

The government shutdown is a red herring. At least Cher sees it as the political trap it really is.


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