China Finds New Way To Cheat On Tariffs And Vietnam Is NOT Happy!

In one of the television show’s most famous clips, the old BBC’s “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson stood on the side of the road in a Chinese city and showed off his fake designer watch, handbag, shoes, and more, and then quipped, “It seems then, that the expression copyright infringement does not translate terribly well into Mandarin.”

No kidding.

This week, the latest Chinese scam of fakery was revealed when the nation victimized in the attempt to work around American import tariffs exposed the effort.

Bloomberg reported:

Vietnam said on Sunday that it found dozens of fake product-origin certificates and illegal transfers by companies trying to sidestep U.S. tariffs on everything from agriculture to textiles and steel. It was one of the first times an Asian government has publicly alleged such misbehavior since trade tensions between the world’s two biggest economies escalated this year.

The statement from Vietnam, which pledged to increase penalties on trade-related fraud, adds to concerns that some Chinese exporters are illegally rerouting orders after Trump imposed tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods and threatened to target an additional $300 billion.


The Observer has more.

On Sunday, the government of Vietnam said it had identified dozens of fake “Made in Vietnam” certificates on everything from agriculture to textiles and steel produced by Chinese companies trying to circumvent U.S. tariffs.

Vietnam also alleged that some Chinese exporters had been illegally re-routing orders to Vietnam since the Trump administration hiked tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods from 10 percent to 25 percent last month. The government cited an example of U.S. customs officials uncovering Chinese plywood being shipped to America through a Vietnamese company.

Chinese plywood? It’s not like the United States and Canada don’t have plenty of our own timber, why would we be importing the stuff?

At any rate, it looks like the tariff war is causing pain in China, as intended. The increased tariffs must be working contrary to the free trade gospel spouted by neocon economists. Otherwise, why slap another country’s label on goods?

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