Chris Matthews Comes Unhinged—Appointment To SCOTUS Can NOT Happen

Chris Matthews

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Chris Matthews of MSNBC came totally unhinged while being interviewed by Steve Kornacki, a colleague of his with MSNBC after the word that Justice Kennedy would be retiring from the Supreme Court effective July 31, 2018.

Shortly after the news broke that Justice Kennedy would be retiring and creating another opening on the Supreme Court, President Trump announced that he would be selecting a replacement for the Senate to confirm before the fall session of the court begins in October.

This sparked a reaction in the liberal head space causing a meltdown from coast-to-coast with the liberal talking heads stomping their feet declaring the end of America as we know it and proclaiming with absolute certainty that every pro-abortion, pro LGBT, and basically every social liberal movement law protecting such things would be overturned in short order.

They are warning the world through every liberal mainstream media outlet that the racist, anti-gay, criminal President in the White House will appoint one of the anti-American judges on the list of right-wing extremist he released during his Presidential campaign… The end times are here… If the Republicans appoint a new Supreme Court Justice the Constitution may as well be shredded…

According to Chris Matthews though, as his colleague pressed him with one simple question, how will the Democrats stop the Republicans from confirming a new Justice since they have the majority, permitting the Republicans to confirm another Supreme Court Justice is not an option and is not going to happen.

As his colleague, Steve Kornacki presses him on the issue looking for an actual answer, Chris Matthews just launches into a tirade on how the Democrats can not allow it to happen and that confirmation just can not and will not happen. Matthews babbles on about how the Democrats have lots of parliamentary rules available to them to delay the confirmation, but when asked specifically what those rules are he is unable to give an answer other than it just can’t happen.

Take note of the crazed look in this lunatics eyes as he is almost foaming at the mouth as he speaks… With Michael More talking about people laying down around the Capitol to block access and Maxine Waters calling on the liberal loons to harass people wherever that may be, I imagine the next couple of months will be very interesting… And dangerous!

Here is the interview:

The Trump News Gazette

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