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It is true that a stopped clock is right twice a day. It is also true that every now and then a member of the liberal mainstream media says or does something that makes conservatives cheer. This week, her name is Brooke Baldwin, and she works for CNN.

Following what really tends to look like a tit for tat opposing inappropriate statements by well-known women about other well-known women, Baldwin joined conservatives, actually, in calling out the double standard demonstrated by Disney which owns ABC and TBS, a Time-Warner property.

Roseanne Barr tweeted out something not very nice about Valerie Jarrett, and TBS’s Samantha Bee read an approved monologue calling Ivanka Trump something really nasty in vulgar language. For their trouble, Roseanne’s television program was canceled, and Samantha Bee’s REALLY not funny “Full Frontal” simply issued an apology.

Baldwin took offense.

Speaking on her show Thursday, Baldwin set some standards and demanded that everyone, Left or Right, abide by them.

“The same rules apply no matter which political side you call home,” Baldwin said on CNN. “Conservatives have been pointing to a double standard on how liberal stars who say these offensive things are treated, versus their conservative counterparts, and in many cases, rightfully so.”

Baldwin noted that the same people who were rightly outraged over comments made by Roseanne this week are the same people celebrating Samantha Bee. She also noted that ESPN, the network owned by Disney who fired Roseanne, just signed Keith Olbermann to host another show despite his rap sheet of hateful rhetoric toward the president and his family.

“Despite all of this, he just got another plum job. A job, ironically, at the same company that just booted Roseanne for violating its values,” Baldwin noted.

On Bee’s comments, Baldwin made no excuses.

“Whether you agree with the president’s policies or not, calling a senior adviser inside the United States government — or anyone for that matter — the ‘C’ word is, like I said at the top, it’s outrageous, it is unacceptable and should be called out,” Baldwin said.

“She could have easily made her point without using those words, a point that, by the way, is totally lost because she used that language. Doing this, she is no better than the very behavior she criticizes. In fact, she becomes part of the problem,” she added.

Baldwin was not the only CNN talking head to nod to conservatives claiming there is a definite point to the double standard issue. Fellow anchor John King agreed.

Why this is happening the way it is… is somewhat of a mystery given that TBS and CNN are owned by the same parent company. In any case, it is refreshing to see.

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