CNN Called Out By Israeli Government For FAKE NEWS

Fake News cnn

Fake news indeed.

When foreign governments start calling out American news organizations that President Donald Trump has labeled “fake news” just about everyone has to admit that maybe he has a point.

Last week, Hamas, the old Palestinian terrorist group, staged an event in Israel that resulted in the death of an Israeli soldier. Israel retaliated, and CNN got the story all mangled before going on air.

On Friday, members of Hamas opened fire on IDF soldiers on the border; 20-year-old Givati Brigade Staff Sergeant Aviv Levi was murdered. Israel reacted by bombing 60 different Hamas terror targets. Then, on Saturday, members of Hamas breached the Israeli border fence, prompting the IDF to shell a Hamas observation post.

But on Saturday, CNN International reported, “Israel says one of its tanks targeted a Hamas military post in Gaza Saturday in retaliation for a border fence breach, one day after violence that left four Palestinians, including three Hamas militants, and an Israeli soldier dead.” There was no mention that the entire series of events had been precipitated by the murder of Levi.

Oops. In journalism, it is really important to get the story right, and that does include activity that escalates before a big attack, no matter what the situation is. In this case, the stress from the news manipulators was that Palestinian soldiers were killed, not that their attack and killing of an Israeli soldier started the whole thing.

For that maneuver, CNN was called out.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon tweeted:

No @cnni !!! You got it wrong and not for the first time – an Israeli soldier was killed by #Hamas and #IDF retaliated, protecting its country and citizens against murderous terrorists. By misrepresenting the facts you manipulate against #Israel! @cnni- STOP YOUR MANIPULATION !

So far, CNN has not responded, but rest assured, Israel does not take kindly to news reports that are twisted to benefit their enemies at their expense.

Interesting, though, that this is the same outlet that has acquired the fake news label from the Trump White House.

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