CNN Host Flabbergasted After Lindsey Graham Revealed What Trump Said Following His Speech About John McCain

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The late Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who died earlier this week after a battle with brain cancer, and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) have been enjoying a close friendship since they met in the early 90’s. The duo has been constantly subjected to criticism because of their warlike attitudes and for their support left of center legislation, and for their desire to be liked by their colleagues in the Senate over the will of their constituents.

Sen. Lindsey Graham commemorated the late Sen. John McCain on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon, memorializing their storied friendship and McCain’s legacy.

“He taught me that honor and imperfection are always in competition,” Graham said. “I do not cry for a perfect man. I cry for a man who had honor and was always willing to admit to his imperfection.”

Graham reminisced about McCain’s 2008 concession speech as one of the most memorable

“John taught us how to lose,” Graham said. “When you go throughout the world, people remember his concession speech as much as anything else. There are so many countries where you can’t afford to lose because they’ll kill you. And John said that night, ‘President Obama is now my president.’ So he healed the nation at a time he was hurt. I learned that serving a cause greater than yourself hurts.” –CBS News


CNN’s Dana Bash, whose main goal is to “slam” President Trump, used her interview with a mourning Senator Graham as a chance to exploit the tensions between the deceased Senator McCain and President Trump, by asking Lindsey Graham to disparage the President.

At the begging of the interview, Bush told Graham that she is asked more than anything else how Lindsey Graham can play golf with Donald Trump and even “carry the water” for Donald Trump, considering his relationship with Senator McCain? Senator Graham, to his credit, reminded the CNN host, Dana Bash, that even though initially, he wasn’t a fan of President Trump, that Trump enjoys his full support, and that is hoping that he is a successful president. Graham reminded Bash that he and John McCain even asked President Obama what they could do to help. Senator Graham then said something the liberal CNN host wouldn’t be able to understand, he told her he will always put his country first. Graham said he is being repentant about the relationship between Trump and McCain, and that Trump’s criticism of McCain even “pissed me off”.

At one point, Bash was left flabbergasted when Graham told her that after his speech on the Senate floor where he honored Senator McCain, he received a touching phone call from President Trump, telling him “That was very sad. I just want you to know that you did right by your friend.”

Bash was apparently greatly astonished, acting as though she failed to hear what Graham said, asking him to confirm, “The President called you?” Graham responded by saying, “Yes, he did, right out of the blue”, Graham continued, “And for those who want me to say that the only way you can honor John McCain, is to fight President Trump and try to kick him out of office, I don’t agree. I’m going to do what I think is best for the country, using what John taught me about the country.” Graham then discussed his hope that Trump would consider war-hawk John McCain’s suggestions about what to do in Syria.


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