Trump Bashing Results in CNN Ratings PLUMMETING To All Time Low

You know that President Donald Trump has influence when the mainstream media networks he calls out on a regular basis are hemorrhaging viewership. Guess what. CNN is feeling the pain.

With week two of May 2018 now in the books, we find that CNN’s ratings have collapsed even more than last week, close to -30 percent in total viewers and an astonishing -35 percent in demo viewers….

Last week, during the all-important primetime hours, CNN was only able to average 844K total viewers. During this same week last year, CNN averaged 1.191 million. That is a -29 percent collapse.

CNN’s average total day viewers disintegrated by -25 percent, 841K compared to 635K.

In other words, throughout the day last week, CNN could only attract an average of 635,000 total viewers.

Well, now, isn’t that something.

It seems that CNN is pretty much alone in this phenomenon. FoxNews is gaining an audience and most of the others are holding steadier, including MSNBC, a network with double the numbers of CNN.

However, CNN losing a third of its viewership is something painful for the network that is for sure. And the worst of it, the all Stormy all the time people are ticking off the 25-54 demographic that advertisers flock to. That most certainly cannot be good for the bottom line.

The question CNN must answer now is is it worth it to be constantly attacking a popular president with provably false reporting? The reality is that the American people, outside of the leftist echo chamber bubble, are not the easily led sheep that the mainstream media both wants and makes us all out to be. They want to control American thought by feeding the narratives they want us to believe, a la Stormy Daniels.

Honestly, none of us out here on the fruited plain care. President Trump is delivering on his promises. His actions speak far more than words about them ever could.

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