CNN Ridicule Of Trump Supporters Becomes New RNC Ad

“This is what they think of you.”

That is the message from the Republican Party to the American voters who support President Donald Trump, and his policies. The message is part of an ad put together using a clip from CNN that went viral over the weekend due to the derisive tone of the speakers where host Don Lemon reacts to the words of GOP “Strategist” Rick Wilson (the Republican National Committee is obviously not using him as a source at this time) describing American Deplorables as “rubes” and more.

Put together with clips from Hillary Clinton, Chris Mathews and others who like to talk trash about the American voters,  the RNC has made a point to tell the voters what elites really do think of them.

This writer wants to know if any of the elites can find the Ozark Mountains on a map. (Hint: there are no celebrated ski resorts in that range.)

In an email to voters, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that she was “absolutely disgusted” by the segment, which was viewed well over ten million times on Twitter in under 24 hours.

“The other night on CNN, Don Lemon and his liberal friends laid their cards on the table and made it obvious what ELITES think of everyday Americans who support President Trump,” McDaniel said in the fundraising email. “These radical hacks painted conservative voters as illiterate hillbillies on national television because they DESPISE President Trump and they DESPISE you.”

“This is what D.C. Democrats like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, and Elizabeth Warren truly think of you,” McDaniel continued. “I can’t think of a better way to show them just how WRONG they are about us than by absolutely CRUSHING our January End-of-Month goal and their socialist candidates.”

On Wednesday, CNN’s Don Lemon posted an apology, claiming that he accidentally laughed at the words of Rick Wilson.

Putting one’s head down and wiping tears from eyes while laughing is no accident.

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