CNN Sued For $275 Million Covington Catholic Student

Now that Nick Sandmann’s lawyer is on a roll, a number of legacy media outlets are going to find their pockets raided. First, Lin Wood went after The Washington Post. On Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed against CNN. For $270 million.

“CNN’s agenda-driven fiction about Nicholas and the January 18 incident was not only false and defamatory, it created an extremely dangerous situation by knowingly triggering the outrage of its audience and unleashing that outrage,” lawyer L. Lin Wood wrote in the suit filed in the Eastern District of Kentucky, and obtained by WCPO of Cincinnati.

$275 million is a lot of money on top of the Washington Post lawsuit, and the plaintiff may not get that sort of settlement, but it does demonstrate that the lawyer, at least, is not letting this incident slide off the radar of public consciousness. What happened to Sandmann after a highly edited video hit the internet was inexcusable.

This is the second suit against a major news outlet for coverage of the events of Jan. 18, when Phillips waded into a crowd of 50-70 teens who were return-heckling four or five Black Hebrew Israelites, a group whose members claim to be descended from ancient Israelites. The first one was filed for $250 million against The Washington Post Feb. 19.

Phillips had participated in the Indigenous People’s March, which ended at the memorial, and the high school students were waiting for their buses home to Covington, Kentucky, after a school-sponsored trip to attend the Right to Life March.

It was what happened next that was misrepresented when Sandmann stood still during taunts from Phillips rather than walking away, which is what he now claims he should have done.

In the end, Sandmann will have done the nation a huge favor, though. His case demonstrates what the legacy media will do to further an agenda rather than report the bald truth. That is something many Americans needed to see.

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