CNN’s Jim Acosta Accosted By Crowd, Including An Old Southern Belle

Why CNN continues to send Jim Acosta into the lion’s den is either an exercise in trolling or one of stupidity.

After President Donald Trump’s rally in South Carolina Monday night on behalf of Governor Henry McMaster, the latter seems more likely.

See, the crowd in the area were doing their best to not let Acosta do his job.

Acosta was speaking live into the camera when multiple Trump supporters began the iconic chant; holding up signs as they yelled “Go Home Jim!”

“As you can hear behind me, the crowd is very fired-up. We have a couple thousand people in this room and they’re letting the press corps know exactly how they feel about what we’re doing here,” said Acosta.

Additional chants included “CNN sucks” and “Fake News Jim.” One online comment pointed out that an older woman leaned into the press pen and started berating Acosta while he was trying to report live on CNN.

All of this audience participation is all part of what has become the Make America Great Again movement. President Donald Trump is not shy about calling CNN out as fake news, and the people are taking his cue after realizing he is right. Making up chants, and mocking and trolling the targets is what American crowds do.

Jim Acosta, the White House correspondent for CNN, is the worst offender when it comes to reporting fake news. (After the last week, that award might well have to go to Time Magazine for the image of the little crying girl on the cover, something that everyone now knows was taken out of context, but in broadcast media, Acosta is hard to beat for not telling the truth.)

So, now, GO HOME, JIM! has entered the American culture’s great big book of chants, taunts, and other requests.

Someday, his bosses might get smart and oblige the people.

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