CNN’s Jim Acosta Shouts Obnoxious Questions To President Trump During Singapore Summit

Jim Acosta

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It’s bad enough that the American media disrespects the president on a regular basis on our own soil, but to do so with the entire world watching…

CNN’s Jim Acosta has no shame. None. He can’t have any. During what had to be one of the most poignant joint press events of an American president and a foreign leader ever, the man shouted out a question that in just about any other time period would have gotten him not just kicked out of the White House Press Corps, but fired from his position. In front of President Donald Trump. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and the media of the world he shouted:

“Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?”

WHOA! That’s not just any question. Given that North Korea sent Mr. Warmbier home to die, and that Kim actually showed up at the summit, that’s beyond rude. Absolutely unacceptable. Mr. Warmbier’s death was a tragedy, but obviously, Kim is making amends and is committed to denuclearization.

Acosta wasn’t finished.

“Mr. Kim, will you give up your weapons, sir?”

Both Kim and Trump did what anyone with sense would and ignored him. Honestly, what is it with American reporters shouting out questions to world leaders in situations where that is completely inappropriate? A Russian official asked Andrea Mitchell once if she was born in a barn. The same question could be asked of Jim Acosta.

And, like the self-absorbed narcissist that he his, Jim Acosta bragged about his gaffe on Twitter.

The response from others on Twitter was swift and specific.

Yes. Jim Acosta is an embarrassment to our country. Only someone who was not raised in the older cultures, like the Korean one, where elders and leaders are at least given lip service in terms of respect would think shouting out such questions during one of history’s great peaceful triumphs was okay.

It is not.

The mainstream media better figure that out real quick.

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