CNN’s Ratings Tank After Over-Hyping The Cohen Tapes Of President Trump

BWAHAHAHA… CNN, the FAKE NEWS media outlet that breaks at least one story a day that will absolutely DESTROY President Trump finds themselves licking their wounds once again.

The FAKE NEWS media outlet CNN hyped up the audio tapes that President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen had surreptitiously recorded, as the doomsday tapes of doomsday tapes that would bring down the President leading up to their Prime Time Star Chris Cuomo’s show, only to feed their eager audience with what people like to call a “nothingburger” these days… And nothing they were.

CNN, a/k/a the Clinton News Network, a/k/a the Communist News Network has really been taking a beating in the polls in large part because their desperation to disparage and destroy President Trump has reached a level that scares even the liberal loons.

It’s no secret the liberal left has pretty much lost their minds and do nothing but gather in large groups chewing on their fingernails and foaming at the mouth clinging to every anti-Trump story broadcast or published, but all but the most mindless of them start tuning out if they are constantly disappointed and don’t receive an occasional dose of something real that they can chew on.

Well, they have caught on and the ratings prove they have caught on… CNN’s ratings compared to the Fox News Channel are no less than half that of their programs. On Tuesday night after tossing chum out to the liberal loons all day, Cuomo only landed a mere 1.373 million viewers just slightly above his average of around 900,000 regular viewers.

Cuomo Prime Time competes with Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel at 9 p.m. whose show attracted a dominating 3.1 million viewers.

The difference between these two programs and channels is one delivers verifiable factual news to their viewers without the constant empty promises and the other is so desperate from hate to disparage and destroy the President that their judgment and acceptable journalism practices have been put on a shelf somewhere in the basement where no one can get to them.

Why the CNN clowns would think that anyone cares who the President slept with more than a decade ago and how they can spend all day shaming the President for sleeping with porn stars and Playboy bunnies after spending years protecting and defending President Clinton who was sleeping with or trying to sleep with every woman that walked into the Oval Office is a mystery to me. LOL

With an average viewership of roughly 900,000 compared to MSNBC, a competing anti-Trump media outlet that pulls in slightly over 2 million viewers a day and Fox News that averages just under 3 million viewers daily one has to wonder just how much longer their station will continue broadcasting… Not long if we are lucky… LOL

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