Colin Powell Shows His True Colors With Rant Ripping Trump Republicans

Thank you, Colin Powell. Now we know which side YOU are on.

As time marches on in the swamp we call Washington, D.C., and more and more information is coming to light that the Democrats are in cahoots for cash with nefarious forces in Ukraine and other nations not in the western hemisphere, Republicans are faced with a choice: support their fellow professional politicians in the persecution of the man outing the criminals, or help the outing of the criminals.

Many Republicans are assisting in the outing of the criminals, a mission of sorts currently being carried out by the Trump White House and Administration.

This is making many a career swamp creature nervous, and several of them have lashed out at the people who are decidedly not going along to get along.

The latest of these swamp figures to speak out against the president’s efforts is Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell:

Speaking with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, the retire four-star general explained that he considers himself a Republican but has seen “things happening that are hard to understand” in the current Republican administration.

“I was a Republican who was Ronald Reagan’s national security advisory. I was a Republican who worked for George Herbert Walker Bush, and worked for George W. Bush. I’m a moderate Republican who believes that we should have strong foreign policy, strong defense policy, that we have to look out for our people, and we ought to work hard to making sure we’re one country and one team,” he said. “And so, on that basis, I call myself a Republican.”

He then laid into Republicans currently serving in office for failing to speak out against the president’s controversial actions.

“The Republican Party has got to get a grip on itself. Right now, Republican leaders and members of the Congress, in both the Senate and in the House, are holding back because they’re terrified of what will happen to any one of them if they speak out,” Powell said. “Will they lose a primary? I don’t know why that’s such a disaster, but will they lose a primary?

“And so, they need to get a grip, and when they see things that are not right they need to say something about it, because our foreign policy is in shambles right now in my humble judgment,” he added.

Next, Powell pointed to Trump reportedly using a sharpie to circle the state of Alabama on last month’s Hurricane Dorian forecast as an example of something that was “hard to understand.”

“And I see things happening that are hard to understand. A couple weeks ago the president put a circle around south east Alabama, saying it’s going to get hit by a hurricane. He put it on top of the meteorological prediction,” he said. “In my time, one of us would have gone to the president and said, ‘Mr President, you screwed up, so we’ve got to fix it, and we’ll put out a correction.’ You know what they did this time? They ordered the Commerce Department to go out and backup whatever the president mis-said. This is not the way the country’s supposed to run, and Congress is one of the institutions that should be doing something about this.”

Powell concluded, “The media has a role to play, we all have a role to play, you’ve got to remember that all these pieces are a part of our government. Executive branch, Congress, Supreme Court, and of the Fourth Estate, and we’ve got to remember that the Constitution started with, ‘We the People,’ not ‘Me the President.’”

Thanks, General Powell. Now we know that you are one of the swamp creatures committed to the status quo of a mess that President Donald Trump is in the middle of fixing.


  1. Re: “Democrats are in cahoots for cash with nefarious forces in Ukraine…”

    Answer: Not a shred of evidence of that. However, every single US intelligence service has said that RUSSIA interfered in the US election—and is likely to do so again—-and that it interfered ON BEHALF OF DONALD TRUMP.



    HOWEVER, in contrast to all of those ongoing investigations, the Ukraine government has said that as far as it is concerned neither Biden nor his son DID ANYTHING WRONG.

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