Comedian Kathy Griffin Attacks @FLOTUS With Hateful VULGAR Tweet


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Well, here we go again… Once more the liberal left demonstrates what a classless gang of vulgar bullies they are…

The has been one-time comedian Kathy Griffin, who not too long ago gained nationwide attention posing with a bloody head of President Donald Trump in her hand, has stepped over the edge again with her latest Tweet to the First Lady, Melania Trump.

The hateful, vulgar Tweet came about after a reporter with the Communist News Network, also known as the Clinton News Network, received a statement from Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s Director of Communications that read:

“Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. She believes we need to be a country that governs with heart.”

Now that’s precisely the sort of heartfelt statement that we have come to expect from the First Lady who carries herself with grace and class… She’s not a politician and compared to this nation’s past First Ladies she keeps a relatively low profile and stays out of her husbands business of politics…

But hey, why should that matter to the liberals… Any chance they get to express their hate and vitriol for President Trump is not going to be passed up, even if they have to attack the President’s family… No one has been off-limits to them, including the President’s 10-year-old son.

So when this slimy low life Kathy Griffin scrolls across the statement by the First Lady, she fires off the following profanity-laced hateful Tweet:

I suppose by now that this sort of language and hate from liberals is not surprising, but it certainly is not right and not acceptable!

Those of you who have not been living under a rock or in the Hermit Kingdom with the Mental Midget Kim Jong Un might notice that the language used here is similar to the language we recently heard from another wannabe liberal funny person… Humm, “funny person”… I think I will use that term for these liberal comedians from now on; it’s more fitting… Not funny as in Ha Ha… Funny as in Ha Ha pathetic person.

If you thought Chelsea Handler, you are correct… Only instead of using the feckless P—- O- S— slur on her television show, she called the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump a feckless C-nt… And if we were playing Hangman, the missing letter is not an “A”… I’ll put the video clip of her nasty comment below in case you need some audible help with that…

As is the norm these days all the keyboard commandos took to Twitter to sling more insults at one another… Most of the Tweets were in defense of the First Lady, but liberal birds with no feathers lie together… Here is one such liberal response to Kathy Griffin’s Tweet:

Of course, that didn’t go unanswered either, and I have to share these with you because… Well, the next two Tweets actually are funny. 🙂

Now that is not only funny, but it’s also true… LOL

It’s also sad and pathetic that the liberals have nothing but hate in their hearts and nothing but hate to bring to any debate… It has become virtually impossible to get even 10 seconds of intelligent debate out of a liberal… The go straight to the insults and name-calling.

A recent report following a Senate investigation has revealed that the Obama Administration was delivering these children the liberals now seem to care so much about to human traffickers… You can read about it here: Senate Report Accuses Obama Administration Of Delivering Children To Human Traffickers

We can only hope that the majority of those on the left are paying attention and taking note of the true character of those in the Democratic party and make the right choices at the polls in November… I also hope those on the right are paying attention and do not sit at home in November, because it is “just the mid-term” elections… Maintaining control of the Congress and the Senate are critically important.

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