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Well, Thursday was the big day for FOX News… They finally got their shot at interviewing the shamed former FBI Director James Comey. The interrogator, I mean reporter doing the interview was none other than Bret Baier.

Bret Baier had the advantage of being the last of the major networks to interview James Comey about his book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” so he was armed with a list of questions others had either failed to ask to avoid putting him on the spot, or were just more interested in spending their time bashing President Trump with him… Bret Baier was neither, he went for the jugular so to speak in a nice way, but direct.

The interview moved from one question to the next rather quickly because James Comey was conveniently about fifteen minutes late. Being New York City I don’t guess we will ever know if that was intended by design to avoid too much time being pressed by Bret Baier, or if he truly just got caught up in rush hour traffic.

James Comey appears physically worn down, exhausted and stressed out… One clear indicator is the heavy sagging under his eyes, a clear indicator of stress and sleep deprivation.

The stress and lack of sleep are clearly causing him to have difficulty remembering what he says from one interview to the next because his statements have changed noticeably over the past months and he was clearly stumbling at times answering questions Bret Baier asked him.

There were a couple of things that jump out with suspicion all over them and Bret Baier even looked noticeably stunned and caught off guard by his answers. He is also being noticeably cautious in his choice of words when answering some of Bret’s questions in a way he was not when he began his public appearances.

One of the most notable issues to date, at least publically known issues, is Comey’s release of his copious notes to his good friend Daniel Richman, who is a Columbia Law School Professor.

Those of you following things closely may remember during one of his appearances before Congress he made a big deal out of how he had a long history of keeping copious notes. This is not really all that difficult to believe, as it is relatively common practice for investigators and attorney’s to keep copious notes as they can be of benefit when a case goes to trial.

They can also work to one’s detriment, so most professionals that have been in the judicial arena for any period of time have a good sense of when they should take copious notes for future use and when it’s better to just jot down a reminder to be thrown away at a later time.

As you have probably picked up on after that explanation, people who produce copious notes usually produce copious notes that benefit their case and favor their actions or conduct. While the courts recognize them as admissible evidence in most instances, if a defendant were to keep copious notes to memorialize their conduct and activities over time, chances are they would not reflect things in the same way an investigator’s copious notes memorialize their conduct and activities.

The former FBI Director James Comey placed great emphasis before Congress of his copious notes reflecting an accurate representation of what happened during his meetings with President Trump. He was very careful to describe them in the way one might describe them before a judge to argue their admission into evidence and even went so far as to describe how after one meeting at the White House with President Trump he was left feeling so uncomfortable that he began writing his notes in his car on his government laptop as soon as he got in his parked vehicle.

Now fast forward to the Bret Baier interview with me and the former FBI Director James Comey is going to great lengths to describe some seven pages of notes memorializing his meetings with the President as nothing more than mere “diary entries” that were his personal property he was and is free to do with as he pleases.

I’m not entirely sure how copious notes that were taken to memorialize his meetings with the President of the United States went from being a classified work product to mere notes in a diary, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say it has something to do with his case being referred to the US Attorney’s Office for criminal charges… Just a guess… LOL

Another thing that has come to light in recent days is that the Columbia Law Professor, Daniel Richman, who Comey described as his “good friend” when testifying before Congress was mysteriously revealed to be a “Special Government Employee” complete with security clearance.

This strange detail that was never mentioned previously was announced in an effort to downplay Comey giving his classified “Personal Diary” notes to a regular Joe for release to the press.

Now, according to Comey who is the moral authority and final arbiter of truth, those notes are his personal property and he can give them to whoever he wants. He is so confident of this that he let slip that Mr. Richaman’s employment with the FBI ended in February 2017 months before he gave him his Personal Diary notes. I imagine whoever risked their career creating this cover story for him hit the roof when they heard him say this.

When Bret Baier pushed him on why he had not revealed the status of Mr. Richman, Comey went through some dribble about how there were many things he did not reveal about the two of them… Things like them having taught together and having served as prosecutors… He tried to give Congress a fair picture of his connection to the guy he said.

The last unusual thing I will cover here is his knowledge of the Steel Dossier… Apparently, the former FBI Director has developed amnesia in large part where the Dossier details are concerned… He’s unsure who paid for it, not sure what is or is not true, can’t seem to recall that it was all that relevant to the FISA warrant, etc.,…


Regardless of what he can or cannot recall though, he seems confident that he is the ultimate moral authority, the memos he wrote following his meetings with the President were his own personal notes and did not belong to the government, and he has done no wrong… I actually think if he were honest with everyone, he would say he CAN’T do any wrong…

It may take awhile, but if the GOP does not lose the Congress and the Senate in November, my guess is we will eventually see some justice actually get hold of some of these smug criminals that were abusing their public office in the Obama Administration.

People like Comey NEED to face trial if the American people are ever going to have any faith in the justice system again.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!

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